Button takes issue with Jorda's women driver comments

Carmen Jorda (ESP) Renault Sport F1 Team Development Driver
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Jenson Button has criticised comments made this weekend by former Lotus and Renault development driver Carmen Jorda.

Jorda told ESPN this weekend that female drivers should focus on Formula E rather than Formula 1, because it was "easier".

"It's a less physical car," she said after completing a demo run in a Formula E car in Mexico.

She explained that differences in downforce and power steering made the all-electric car better for women to drive.

"The challenge that we women have in Formula 2 and Formula 1 is a physical issue," she continued. "I think in Formula E, we won't have it."

"In Formula 1 and Formula 2 there is a barrier that is a physical issue," she added. "I think there is a big issue for women, and that's why there aren't any in those championships.

"Formula E has already had some women here, so why not to have more?," she said. "[It is] a very high level championship

"The car that I tested is not a super-difficult car to drive. But there are so many different things that you have to learn how to manage.

Jorda was appointed to the FIA's Women in Motorsport Commission last year. However, former world champion Button didn't feel that her latest comments had done much to promote women drivers in motorsport.

"You’re not helping proper female racing drivers with this comment," he said on Twitter.

“Ask [NASCAR driver] Danica Patrick about being strong enough to drive a race car!" he pointed out. "She’d kick my butt in the gym and she’s probably as strong as any driver on the F1 Grid right now.

"Physical barrier is not your issue Carmen," he concluded.

British racing driver Pippa Mann was also critical of Jorda's comments.

'My eyes rolled so far back in my head I nearly passed out," the IndyCar driver said on Twitter.

"She does know that the reason IndyCar drivers are bulkier than F1 drivers is that we have to lift bigger weights because our races have no power steering at all, and that women succeed over here, right?"

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