Verstappen: 'As a viewer I would have turned the TV off!'

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If the Australian Grand Prix was any indication, F1 fans could be in for a particularly boring season according to Max Verstappen.

Before yesterday's round of pit stops and the activation of the Virtual Safety Car, the race appeared to be heading to another Mercedes walkaway.

But Verstappen's worries over how the year may unfold were rooted not only in the German team's expected superiority but also in the difficulties associated with overtaking, a seemingly impossible task for the Red Bull driver in Australia.

"It was like Monaco," the Dutchman told the media on Sunday.

"Even if you are a second or a second and a half faster, you still cannot pass. As a viewer I would have turned off the TV. And until something changes, it will stay that way.

"Do they have to change the circuit? I think they should do something about the cars, because in the past, overtaking was no problem here," Verstappen added.

Lewis Hamilton, who was unexpectedly left chasing Vettel in Melbourne after a minor but costly calculation error by his Mercedes crew, echoed Verstappen's concerns.

"It's like my mother or my best friend is on the edge of a cliff and I couldn't get to them with all my will and abilities," explained the four-time world champion.

"Maybe in the next race it will be different," he said.

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