Hamilton hopes Verstappen will 'learn' from immature mistakes

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Lewis Hamilton was left unimpressed by Max Verstappen's ill-fated attempt to force the issue against him in Sunday's Bahrain Grand Prix.

Verstappen rocketed off the grid with the bit between his teeth following his low qualifying position. A blistering first lap brought the Dutchman right on the heels of Hamilton, but in an attempt to elbow his way past the Mercedes driver, the pair made contact.

Hamilton emerged unscathed but Verstappen picked up a puncture and damage to his Red Bull's differential which ultimately led to his retirement a lap later.

Red Bull Racing's Christian Horner downplayed the incident, insisting it was par for the course between two tough racers.

Hamilton took issue however with Horner's simplified view.

"It's interesting to hear from Christian," said Hamilton. "Because they've got a car that should be getting good results.

"And through these kind of - I don't know if they're inexperienced or not totally mature decisions -they are not getting the results they should," he added.

Hamilton went as far as to suggest that a more mature driver would have avoided the mishap and brought his car home safe and sound, and in the points.

"Today he should have finished a decent race, because he's good enough to do that. I think to myself if Fernando [Alonso] was in that car today he would have finished a decent race and got points for Red Bull.

"I like to think if I was in that car today I would have got points for Red Bull.

"I just hope for them he's learning through whatever situation he's going through. I went through that stuff when I was a young guy, so I know how it is."

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