Teams mull scrapping maximum fuel limit for 2019

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Formula 1 teams are set to discuss a possible scrapping of the sport's current fuel limit for 2019 at a Strategy Group meeting scheduled on April 17.

Teams are limited to 105kg of fuel, a threshold that often leads to fuel saving, or a "lift and coast" tactic by drivers during a race to ensure they see the checkered flag.

However, reporting from Germany's Auto Motor und Sport states that a proposal to scrap the fuel limit altogether will be discussed by the teams at next week's Strategy Group meeting.

At the very least, an increase in the fuel limit may be on the cards. "It's set too low," a Mercedes engineer said.

Another topic to be discussed at the meeting on Tuesday is overtaking, with changes to the wings on the cards for 2019.

It was reported last week that teams had discarded any aero changes for next year in a meeting in Bahrain with Formula 1 sporting boss Ross Brawn, but modification could still happen.

"Yes, we still have time to agree for next year," said Renault technical boss Bob Bell.

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