First look at proposed new Miami GP circuit

Proposed layout for the Miami Grand Prix
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Hot on the heels of news that a new Miami Grand Prix might be on the Formula 1 calendar as early as 2019, we now have some idea of the circuit that the race might use.

It takes ideas from previous Formula E, ChampCar and IMSA races that have been staged in the city in the past. But it also includes some new aspects that will be entirely original to Formula 1.

The start-finish line is expected to be located on Biscayne Boulevard. Cars will set off and then meet a left hand turn that will being them back up the other side of the three-lane highway in an anti-clockwise direction.

After that the cars will have a high-speed run along Port Boulevard, which includes a long road bridge across water to Dodge Island. If adopted this could be the longest straight of the year - longer even than Baku, Shanghai, Mexico or Abu Dhabi.

The cars will then have to brake dramatically to navigate a tight hairpin. This will take them back down NE 6th Street and back across Miami Marina. Another abrupt reversal will then direct them onto Bayshore Drive and around the American Airlines Arena, home of basketball team Miami Heat.

After than, the cars will be directed south down Biscayne Boulevard to finish the lap.

The core part of the circuit resembles the original Miami street circuit used by IMSA from 1983 until 1986. CART used similar elements in two races held in 202 and 2003. Formula E ran on a short 1.4-mile course in 2015 that went around the arena before heading north.

The bridge component would be new for Miami but not for Formula 1, which saw a similar stretch over water incorporated into the Valencia street circuit. Former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone discussed a similar idea with original Miami GP promoter Ralph Sanchez in the in the 1980s.

Plans for the race will be discussed in an upcoming city meeting next week.

"With over half a billion fans worldwide, Formula 1 is the greatest racing spectacle on the planet," Formula 1's commercial managing director Sean Bratches commented earlier this week.

"Miamiโ€™s status as one of the worldโ€™s most iconic and glamourous cities, combined with its robust tourism infrastructure, makes Miami the perfect destination for Formula 1 and its fans."

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