Sainz Sr feels Alonso is growing frustrated with F1


It's all starting to feel like Fernando Alonso will be heading to the exit at the end of the current season, with Carlos Sainz Sr chiming in on his countryman's frustrations.

Like the majority of his fans, Alonso was hoping to race higher up the field this season following McLaren switch from Honda to Renault power.

While the Woking-based outfit now enjoys good reliability thanks to its new engine partner, the overall performance of its MCL33 is not on par with expectations, and the disappointment may be taking its toll on Alonso's motivation.

"I spoke with Alonso in Monaco and got the impression that he will not continue (in F1)," said Sky F1 pundit Martin Brundle, a sentiment echoed by Carlos Sainz Sr.

"He is in a period when he would like to be in a different situation," said the father of Renault driver Carlos Sainz.

"He wants to fight for podiums and wins.

"When you've won before, and in his case he has won two world championships and fought for others, if you are not fighting for podiums, races, championships, it is logical that you are not happy," added the rally legend.

"And it's especially true if you are as experienced as he is and with the character that Fernando has."

Sainz joins the chorus of McLaren and Alonso fans who admit their disappointment.

"This year at McLaren the situation is a little bit better and let's hope it improves more, but it's true that maybe he and all of us who want the best for him were expecting something more."

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