Ecclestone casts doubt on Miami Grand Prix prospects

Bernie Ecclestone (GB), former Formula One Management (FOM) President and CEO and his wife Fabiana

Bernie Ecclestone knows a thing or two about putting on a street race and the former F1 supremo isn't all that confident in the sport's ability to deliver an F1 race to Miami.

In May, Miami's City Commission gave the green light to its representatives to enter negotiations with The Formula One Group to bring Grand Prix racing to The Magic City as early as next year.

But the event's inception hasn't gone quietly, with the promoters initial plans disrupted by local residents associations, and more specifically by the Biscayne Neighborhoods Association (BNA) whose two major concerns are centered around the level of disturbance for local residents the event would bring and its cost to taxpayers.

Miami Grand Prix race promoters have already tweaked the prospective circuit's initial layout, having been denied permission to use a specific area of public space.

Local opposition will likely remain a force to contend with in the near future, and Ecclestone insists Liberty Media has a massive challenge on its hands.

"We looked bloody hard at getting a race in Miami in my time, and we encountered various obstacles," he told the MailOnline's Jonathan McEvoy in Austria.

"These guys might manage to get the deal done, but it will be tough. It is not just about money, but about other issues.

"Street races are always hard work."

And Miami's powerful BNA has no intention of giving Formula 1 a free pass.

"We are now waiting for the contract the City Manager will present to the City Commission," BNA president Andres Althabe told Forbes.

"But if we don’t have a clear understanding of the benefits the race will bring to Miami, we will consider opposing the City Commission approving the contract."

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