Vettel gets a whipping from Italian media!


Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel was predictably trounced by Italy's press a day after his agonizing exit from Sunday's German Grand Prix.

Vettel was on his way to collect his 52nd F1 win when he was caught out by the sporadic rain that hit Hockenheim in the latter part of the race, veering off course and into the barriers as he approached the Stadium section's Sachs curve.

It was a painful moment for the then leader of the world championship, and the ruthless Italian media was hardly supportive on Monday of the driver's blunder and the dire consequences it may imply.

"His mistake is devastating and could be why Ferrari loses the world championship," La Gazzetta dello Sport declared.

La Stampa added: "The German has made at least four mistakes in eleven races.

"The talent of the world champion is not questioned, but his exaggerated zest is hurting Ferrari's season."

Corriere della Sera was full of praise however for Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, describing his charge through the field as a "masterpiece of assertiveness and concentration".

"The behaviour of the two star drivers makes the difference," it added.

Vettel vowed to take it all in his stride nevertheless, the German driver all too aware of the gusty winds of judgment.

"I don't need pity, it was my fault," he said.

"When everything goes well you are cheered, and if you make mistakes you are criticised. So I don't care much about what people say. I have to be at peace with myself."

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