Brawn: 2021 regulations will be deemed successful if new teams enter F1

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Ross Brawn believes the success of Formula 1's 2021 regulation platform will be measured by the sport's ability to attract new entrants.

F1's sporting manager has yet to release the final set of rules and regulations that shall hopefully usher in a new prosperous era for Formula 1.

Lowered costs and a more equitable distribution of revenue have been the focus of F1's efforts in a bid to create a level playing field and hopefully attract new teams and manufacturers.

"Quite frankly, I can't see a new team coming in today because the revenue distribution and commercial distribution of funds and the technical regulations are too daunting," Brawn told F&'s Fan Voice website.

"We want to create an environment where there is a queue of professional organisations wanting to own and be a Formula 1 team.

"We have always had this margin of teams at the bottom of Formula 1 that are hanging on with their finger nails, and often falling, and we want quality competitors, not just people making up the numbers and saying they are in Formula 1 if they can't step up.

"So we want the professional, well-financed, well-structured teams to be entering Formula 1 in the future and that will be a measure of our success," he added.

"But they won't come in today. I hope we can create the environment by then that makes it more appealing."

Brawn's initial plans for a less sophisticated and costly power unit, one that would retain a hybrid component but ditch the controversial and onerous MHU-H element, put the engineer and his crew of specialists at odds with F1's manufacturers.

Mercedes in particular has argued that a complete new engine design for 2021 would lead to a massive ramp up in costs, something both Ferrari and Renault have agreed with.

Therefore, F1 looks set to remain with its current 1.6-litre, V6 hybrid engine format, although in an improved and perhaps slightly more economical form.


It's been a long drawn-out process between F1 and the teams, but Brawn insists the two groups have found their modus vivendi and recognize each other's merits.

"I don't have any major concerns, but we respect the teams," Brawn explained.

"They are putting a huge investment and a huge effort into Formula 1, so we have to respect them.

"We have to respect their opinions and we have to respect their involvement. I think those teams will also say they know Formula 1 needs some direction from ourselves and the FIA.

"You see it in their relationships between the teams and you will see there are periods when some teams are aligned and some periods when they are not aligned and that will be to do with the on-track action or other things that are going on.

"I know as a team I was not always in the best place to know what is best for Formula 1 because I was always absorbed in my own objectives and ambitions within the team," he adds.

"Formula 1 needs the commercial rights holder and the FIA to encourage the teams to come with us and I think they recognise that as well."

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