Whiting 'quite amused' by Hamilton's reference to 'Ferrari's tricks'

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FIA F1 race director Charlie Whiting set the record straight with regard to Lewis Hamilton's post-race comment on Ferrari's win in the Belgian Grand Prix.

The Mercedes driver was comfortably defeated on Sunday by championship rival Sebastian Vettel, admitting the Scuderia had "just blitzed us today", referring to Vettel's 11-second winning advantage

Speaking to Sky F1's Martin Brundle after the race, the Brit expressed his amazement at Ferrari's performance when he said: "They've got a few trick things going on in the car".

Whiting pre-emptively shot down any attempts to speculate on what Hamilton was perhaps implying.

"I'm quite amused by it really," he said. "Because we know quite a lot about the Ferrari car, and there is no way that Lewis would know anything about the Ferrari car.

"They're doing a good job at the moment, and Mercedes have got to try and counter that, haven't they?

"That particular comment doesn't actually say anything.

"If he says they've got a few tricks going on on that car, clearly they have got some things on the car which are giving it performance, which we're all aware of – all us in the FIA are aware of – and obviously we are happy with."

Indeed, Hamilton himself later clarified his remark.

"We all have trick things on our car. Trick is just a word for something special. I don’t know what’s on their car so I couldn’t tell you either way," he said.

"I’m not saying they are doing anything illegal. It’s just something that brings that extra bit of performance.

"That’s all I mean. I don’t mean anything to it so please don’t read into it and please don’t twist my words and say that I say they’re doing anything illegal because they’re not."

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