Russell's motivation intact despite Williams hardship


Williams rookie George Russell says his motivation as a young driver is intact because living the dream of racing in F1 supplants the struggles linked to his team's current hardship.

After an impeccable track record in the junior ranks, Russell's graduation to F1 with Williams has been anything but easy, with the 21-year-old's apprenticeship complicated by the British outfit's depressed level of performance.

Russell and team mate Robert Kubica currently have no other choice but to face Williams' struggles and bide their time. But despite his team's predicament, the young Brit's motivation hasn't the least bit worn away.

"It certainly is strange," admitted Russell.

"I’ve had the question asked a number of times about how am I finding the motivation but as I said to the guys before, there are thousands and thousands of drivers who would love to be in F1 and I am one of those drivers.

"There’s no motivation needed. I am in F1 and this is what I have dreamt about for all of my life but now my job is to really maximise with the team what we have got and really direct them in the right way."

From the poor performance of Williams' FW42 to the team's shortage of spare parts, reasons to doubt and to give in to a grim outlook abound.

Yet Russell is determined to make the best of it, because a glimmer of hope twinkles in the distance.

"The atmosphere is as positive as it can be really," he said..

"Obviously you are not going to be chilled out or relaxed when we are at the back of the grid by a long way but we do have to stay positive and not do anything drastic.

"Because at the end of the day this is the position we are in and we’ve now got to work on making the most of that. In any sport you can’t do that overnight.

"It’s a step-by-step process to make sure that everything is in place to build onto.

"There is light at the end of the tunnel but it’s quite far away at the moment."

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