Berger worried multi-tasking could critically strain Binotto

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Former Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger believes the sum of Mattia Binotto's wide-ranging responsibilities could critically overwhelm the Scuderia boss.

After several months of intrigue and rumors last season of a dissention among the Scuderia's top brass, the House of Maranello underwent management changes at the turn of the year, with team principal Maurizio Arrivabene replaced by the Scuderia's technical director Mattia Binotto.

While the move has undoubtedly changed the complexion of the Italian outfit, for the better, results on the track have not yet met the expectations generated by Ferrari during pre-season testing.

Berger isn't sure the Scuderia's 'one man at the helm' approach will be beneficial to Ferrari compared to Mercedes and Red Bull, where responsibilities are spread across several prominent leaders.

"The usual thing with Ferrari is, someone getting the responsibility, and getting all responsibility," explained Berger, quoted by

"Because when you look at Red Bull, you have this genius Adrian Newey. You have a capable [team boss] Christian Horner. Then you have the shark Helmut Marko.

"Then you look to Mercedes: Toto [Wolff], very capable. You have the genius on the engine side, Andy Cowell, and you have Niki [Lauda], unfortunately not here now.

"At Ferrari you see [only] Binotto. I don’t know if this is enough.

"I think Binotto is a great technician. It’s just [important] he doesn’t use too much time for maybe political discussion or whatever, and then running out of time for the main."

Berger noted that Ferrari's current situation is in stark contrast to the organization of power it enjoyed during its prosperous Michael Schumacher era, when the great German driver, Jean Todt, Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne represented the main pillars of its foundation.

"One of his [Schumacher] big strengths was he knew how to put people together to get the maximum out of them," said Berger.

“When he went to Ferrari and said, ‘Ross, you’re coming with me, Rory, you’re coming with me.’ In this he was very good, and in this he has an advantage over Sebastian [Vettel].

"Michael was fantastic in collecting people for his team.

"Again you had three people: you had Rory, the genius of the time, you had Ross, and you had Jean Todt, who dealt with the political side and the regulations.

"I just don’t know who is gonna take certain roles in Ferrari, because if it’s all on Binotto, it’s gonna be a bit heavy."

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