'Big problems' at Williams not down to one person, says Kubica

Robert Kubica (POL) Williams Racing FW42.
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Williams F1 driver Robert Kubica says that the chronic problems currently facing the independent team are much bigger than any one person.

Kubica and his team mate George Russell have been firmly stuck at the back of the grid for the first three races of 2019, with little realistic prospect of improving their lot anytime soon.

Williams is the only team not to score any championship points from outings at Melbourne, Bahrain and Shanghai. Previously, they missed the first two days of pre-season testing in Spain when the FW42 failed to be ready in time.

As a consequence of the team's troubles, chief technical officer Paddy Lowe opted to take an indefinite leave of absence at the start of March. The team's co-founder Patrick Head has returned to duty on an interim basis.

But Kubica said it was unfair to try and put all the blame for Williams' current situation on Lowe's shoulders, or expect Head to fix the situation overnight.

"It's never a single guy who can make it wrong or make it good," insisted the Polish driver who returned to the F1 grid after eight years away following injuries sustained in a rallying accident.

"Unfortunately, normally the highest person pays the price," he admitted. "But it's never one person. Of course a person can influence, that's why I think Patrick can help us in current situation. And definitely people can make the difference.

"In the end it's a lot of people involved in running the team, and making the team being successful or not," he told Autosport magazine. "It is a complex sport, and requires a lot of group work.

"It's the question of bigger groups, and bigger people. I think the problems you can see are not only a problem of last month, it's something that was kind of growing.

Robert Kubica (POL) Williams Racing FW42.

"We have been in a situation that wasn't great last year, but honestly it's even more difficult than it was last year."

Kubica's rookie team mate this week just confirmed how difficult the car was.

"Robert and I are having big problems with how the car behaves at the corner entry, and in the middle of the curve compared to the exit,” Russell told Motorsport-Total.

“It’s very different in every area, which makes driving so difficult," added the reigning Formula 2 champion. “It’s mostly aero, but also a bit mechanical. I’d say 75 to 25 [percent].”

Of course, the team certainly isn't giving up on 2019. Senior race engineer Dave Robson is insistent that they will close the gap to the rest of the field over the next few races.

“We have made some improvements to the car," Robson said after China. "[We] have started to close the gap.

“We also tested some new components which may help us close the gap further in the coming races," he added.

Robert Kubica (POL) Williams Racing FW42.

“The next race on the streets of Baku will pose a new set of challenges, but we are ready to meet those as we continue to learn about the FW42.”

However, Russell was sounding less convinced that any major improvements are in sight at Grove.

"There will be upgrades, just like any team,” he said. "[But] it’s not like we have something special."

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