Webber open to future role with Porsche Formula E team


Porsche ambassador Mark Webber says he would be open to an opportunity to get involved with the manufacturer's Formula E squad in the future.

Porsche is gearing up for its entry later this year into the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, having rolled out its electric contender at Weissach last month and tested the car last week in Spain, at Calafat.

Webber, who enjoyed a successful on-track collaboration with Porsche after closing the curtain on his F1 career, was in attendance recently at Formula E's Rome E-Prix, and spoke of his interest in the Stuttgart firm's efforts in the series.

"It’s been interesting to even just watch the sessions unfold," Webber told e-racing 365.

"There were a few things quite interesting where you felt you [could] try to help with. I enjoyed that.

"I know all of the guys [in the team] very, very well and I’m a brand ambassador for Porsche and a racer, and I know a lot of people involved in the championship like Pedro [de la Rosa], Felipe [Massa], Allan [McNish], Susie [Wolff].

"Of course, I’m always on the phone for Porsche whenever there’s an opportunity."

After the termination of its WEC programme at the end of 2017, in Porsche transferred many of its former LMP1 engineers and personnel over to its new Formula E operation.

However, the transfer of competence doesn't mean that Porsche can pick up in FE where it left off in the WEC.

"We have so many great people in the [Formula E] team," said the 2015 WEC champion.

"It’s a big shift mentally because with prototype racing and the 919 in particular, it was very much about the regulations being pretty open and we were designing the car from the chassis to the whole and it was very much trailblazing on many fronts.


"It’s a big shift going to Formula E with a lot of common parts, a lot of standardised cost control but there’s no motorsport category in the world that isn’t considering that type of model," he added.

"Look at NASCAR, look at IndyCar – they’re all trying to work out how they’re going to drop on this sweet curve where Formula E is.

"You still have your place to tinker, which is beautiful, you can have your little play if you want, which they are.

"That’s why, with our team at Porsche, the 919 guys, we’ve got some really world class people and importantly you’ve got some real racers in there.

"What you need is racers, you need people being in the trenches with you."

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