Hamilton: F1 should leave drivers 'massively depleted' physically

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Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton says Formula 1's future regulations should lead to cars that are harder to drive and leave drivers physically "depleted" after a race.

In the past few years, from Max Verstappen to Lance Stroll or Lando Norris, Grand Prix racing has seen a crop of teenage drivers gain access to the sport and race competitively among their elders.

Hamilton believes the trend is an indication that F1's current machines - as sophisticated and complex as they are in terms of technology - aren't the harsh and untamed beasts they used to be.

The Mercedes driver recently responded to a question about the frequency with which drivers were drug tested in Formula 1, and his answered covered the sport's physical constraints, or lack of.

"Drug testing is random, it can be up to three times a year maybe, sometimes it’s less," he said.

"There used to be a point where there was potentially quite a bit out of season, away from the track, back home, hotels.

"This is not a sport where you need to do anything, it’s not like cyclists for example, that need more blood flowing through the heart, or more oxygen.

"We’re not fatiguing. Honestly, the cars are not hard enough to drive, they should be more physical.

"I think in 2021 they need to get rid of [certain driver aids] - not having as much power steering, for example. You should be physically, massively depleted afterwards.

"I think that’s how a sport should be."

In comparison to other top level sports, Formula 1 was a lot less physically demanding contended Hamilton.

"Tennis players are finished at the end of a game, especially if they’ve been on four hours," he said.
"Cyclists, they must be dead after the Tour de France, for example.

"I feel that’s what’s this should be about. But it’s less so about that physical side these days, that’s why we see an 18-year-old can come in, no problems. That should not be the case.

"The point is that none of us cheating, there’s no point in doing anything to enhance our bodies, it’s just training normally and being healthy."

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