Cause of Norris suspension failure in Canada revealed

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McLaren has revealed that Lando Norris' suspension failure in the Canadian Grand Prix was caused by overheating brakes on the Brit's MCL34.

Norris was about to complete his eighth lap when his right rear wheel went askew, forcing the McLaren driver to park his car just after the pitlane exit.

As he stopped, a small blaze was also seen in the area of the right rear suspension suggesting the breakage was perhaps rooted in the overheated rear brakes of the McLaren.

Before the incident, Norris had gone straight across Montreal's Turn 3-4 chicane, a mishap that likely sent his brake temperatures through the roof, initiating the subsequent failure.

"We had high temperatures in the brakes," a McLaren spokesman told "That caused a component failure, which basically created a localised fire.

"Because it was in an area where there isn't any air flow, it didn't get extinguished, and basically, we exceeded the temperatures that carbon can withstand, and effectively that led to the suspension giving way.

"We're clear about what happened, so it's not an ongoing issue โ€“ it was a singular event."

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