Raikkonen: Driver penalties at odds with 'let them race' policy

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Kimi Raikkonen says the controversial penalty handed to Sebastian Vettel in Canada doesn't match up with the FIA's recently proclaimed "let them race" philosophy.

In Bahrain earlier this year, F1's governing body promoted a more lenient approach to how the stewards judge drivers' actions.

Speaking at Paul Ricard and offering his view on the stewards' widely debated call in Montreal, Raikkonen noted the divergence between the FIA's policy and how Vettel's move was judged.

"The odd thing is that they keep telling us this year that we're more free to race," said the Alfa Romeo driver.

"And then this kind of thing happens, which is absolutely no one's fault, and people get penalised. What has been said what's been done, somewhere along the line they don't match always.

"I guess the stewards are in a difficult position, and whichever way they give the ruling on many things there are always going to be happy and unhappy teams."

The 2007 world champion was under the impression after Bahrain that drivers were be allowed a bit more freedom on the race track, but within reason.

"That's what's been said, that's what's been told to us. But if you look at some things, it's definitely not quite right. Yeah, freedom in a smart way," said Raikkonen.

"But when you start pushing obviously somebody off, or doing something stupid – I think as drivers we all know, or should know at least, what is fair and you can accept, and there are other things that are not. As long as there's fair fighting, it's OK."

Sebastian Vettel, the principal victim of the events that unfolded in Montreal, recognizes the stewards' difficult task, but the German ultimately wants consistency, one way or the other.

"Obviously the GPDA speaks on behalf of all the drivers," said the Ferrari driver.

"And I think we've expressed more than once that what we want is consistency with the decisions.

"Obviously we appreciate that it's not always easy, not every case is black and white, but that's why we asked to let us race, to give us room and so on, which I think is what we want and ultimately what everybody wants."

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