Grosjean: Drivers are the only ones who know what F1 needs

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Romain Grosjean says F1's drivers can make a crucial contribution to the 2021 regulations, insisting that they are the ones who really know how to improve the racing.

A recent meeting in Paris between F1, the FIA and the teams which addressed the progress of the 2021 rules also included the presence of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Hulkenberg.

F1 sporting boss Ross Brawn welcomed the drivers' input, and Romain Grosjean was scheduled to attend the summit in Paris but was forced to cancel his trip after his house in Switzerland was broken into.

However, the French driver will be an attentive party at upcoming meetings, eager to chime in on the design of the future rules that will be set in stone at the end of October.

"I was going to go to Paris but then I got broken into," Grosjean said.

"I couldn't leave the wife, I had to cancel last minute. But I will go to the next few ones.

"The drivers are in, we have been invited. We're the only ones who really know what is needed or not. To have better racing, better feeling in the car.

"There's a lot of talk about things we don't think would make a big difference. At least when we're in, we can explain our feelings and what we think we can do for better racing."

The fact that all the current drivers on the grid are now members of the Grand Prix Drivers Association means a unified front for the group, and therefore perhaps a more far-reaching input.

"It's good that the GPDA has 100 percent membership, it's the strongest it has ever been I believe," added the Frenchman.

"With Lewis as a world champion, he's a good voice. But we're all on the same page. If you talk to the drivers, we all have the same wishes and hopefully that will happen."

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