Mecachrome reveals interest in supplying client F1 engine

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Mecachrome has become the latest engine manufacturer to register its interest in supplying F1 with an alternative power unit.

The FIA called for an expression of interest over the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend, with Ilmor and AER having already publicly confirmed their intentions since then. Now Mecachrome - which has prepared and assembled Renault engines in F1 for a number of years - has joined the bidding, with racing activities director, Jean-Charles Raillat, saying it can have its own engine ready in a short timeframe.

"We won a few months ago the GP3 engine supplier deal from 2016, which will be an atmospheric 3.4L V6," Raillat told "We also won the supplier contract for GP2 series from 2017 with a turbo V6, also a 3.4L.

"The FIA request for proposal in F1 imposes a 2.5-litre maximum. Our developed engine basis is absolutely compatible with this FIA request. In terms of resources and capacities, we are totally there. We are used, at Mecachrome, to conceive and industrialise an engine in six months. The planning window is still quite large for us."

With the FIA calling on potential manufacturers to prove they have a viable business plan, Raillat says Mecachrome would only need to supply two teams in F1 to make the program profitable.

"It's maybe a bit easier for us than for others in that area. We already have a good existing basis that is ready – of course with development required.

"Our evaluation is at least two teams for it to be profitable for us on a financial level, and also be able to be within the targets set out by the FIA. Two teams, four cars: that's our evaluation.

"What maybe differentiates Mecachrome is that it has been a very, very long time that we have been dealing with Formula 1. We have been managing a lot of major programmes in parallel. If you look at last year, Renault were supplying four teams : we were managing that side. We also managed GP2 Series and we will now supply GP3 Series.

"We are used to that and we have the human and technical resources. We have testing dynos. There is no specific construction plan needed. And the projects we manage are complete all the way, from conception to production and set-up, as well as with the provision of track assistance and exploitation."

The FIA's deadline for engine manufacturers to express an interest in supplying the new engine was Monday 23rd November, with a full tender expected to open up in the coming weeks should the sport push ahead with the plans.

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