Verstappen reveals late-night post-race sim session with Norris!


Max Verstappen revealed that his post-Hungarian Grand Prix wind-down included a late night - or early morning - sim session with Lando Norris.

After leading the majority of the race in Hungary, Verstappen was overhauled by Lewis Hamilton three laps from the checkered flag.

The Red Bull driver was back in Monaco on Sunday evening where one would have expected him to hit the sack after such a hard day's work .

But instead of retiring into the arms of Morpheus, Verstappen head to his living room, fired up his simulator, went online and buzzed Lando Norris for a bout of sim racing with the McLaren driver.

"Lando came home late, then we immediately went online. I only went to sleep at four!" Verstappen told De Telegraaf.

"It is not that after a Grand Prix I am completely full of adrenaline. That will come just before a race, of course, but will be gone soon afterwards.

"It is just a relaxation activity. And that way I could still win a race somewhere on that day!"


Despite their real-life demanding careers at the pinnacle of motorsport, Verstappen and Norris remain avid sim racers, often teaming up for online events.

Verstappen's post-race routine apparently started with his father during his karting days.

"I can still remember it from my time in karts," he added.

"Back then I had a busy racing weekend, but then we still went indoor karting in the evening. Just to be a little crazy.

"It's no different now with sim-racing. Certainly, in the training you can also play around and fight with each other. In Formula 1, the differences in cars are of course greater than there."

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