Hamilton 'in stiches' over Verstappen's comments on Rosberg

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Lewis Hamilton says that Max Verstappen labeling Nico Rosberg the new 'Jacques Villeneuve' of the F1 paddock gave him a good "cracking up".

Rosberg criticized Verstappen's over-enthusiastic move at the start of last weekend's Belgian Grand Prix that led to the Dutchman's demise from the race on the opening lap.

Verstappen shot back however, stating that Rosberg was picking up the baton from Jacques Villeneuve, whose candid and often excessive comments are always a good source of entertainment.

Hamilton, who enjoyed a icy relationship with Rosberg during their days together at Mercedes, took a dig at the 2016 world champion, posted a comment on Instagram saying that the Red Bull driver's had him "in stitches".

After qualifying on Saturday, Hamilton expanded on his Insta post.

"I don't really think much of it, to be honest," he said.

"I thought it [Verstappen's remark] was really funny. I think Max is generally a really funny guy so I was cracking up when I saw it.

"It's interesting because obviously we know what it's like, all the drivers have been here and know what it's like being criticised from the public, and when in the sport [they] moan about being criticised by people from the outside.

"And then when drivers retire they become those critics, so it's an interesting dynamic.

"Unfortunately, drivers become irrelevant when they retire and ultimate have to hang on to utilise other people's light to keep them in the light. But that's the way of sport, I guess."

Interestingly, in his post qualifying Vlog, Rosberg partly agreed with Hamilton's comment.

"One of the things I hated most when I was still active as a driver was being confronted by journalists with criticism from former drivers. In my case it was often David Coulthard. It made me crazy, really terrible," Rosberg said off the bat in his Youtube video.

"I like to give these analyses, but at the same time I have a lot of respect for the drivers.

"So, as I said, I always hated it when I was confronted with criticism from former drivers. So I have to change something there.

"I don't want my former colleagues, whom I have great respect for, to hear that comment from me. I will, therefore, change my tone somewhat."

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