Another FIA technical directive aimed at Ferrari?


Ahead of this weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix, the FIA has issued another technical directive to teams that covers another possible grey area of the F1 engine regulations.

In Austin, F1's governing body published a clarification covering a potential loophole in F1's fuel flow engine regulations, a technicality that theoretically allowed for an increase in engine power at specific moments.

The technical directive issued by the FIA in Austin on the Saturday was a response to a query by Red Bull Racing who, along with Mercedes, had raised questions about a potential fuel-flow ploy and its legality, with Ferrari seen as the end target of the initiative.

Coincidently, after the TD was published, the Scuderia's cars suffered a relative loss of form in qualifying and on race day at the US Grand Prix, fueling speculation that Ferrari had perhaps indeed exploited the fuel flow loophole.

On Wednesday, according to a report from the always well-informed Tobi Grüner from Auto Motor und Sport, the FIA issued another technical directive (TD 38/19), this time addressing the potential illicit use of flammable liquid in an engine's cooling system, insisting that the liquid cannot be used for combustion to increase performance.

The directive also referred to an older provision in the technical regulations which forbids the practice of using oil for fuel in an engine's combustion chambers.

The FIA, likely encouraged by inquiries from Ferrari's rivals, is doing its best to tighten up the rules and eliminate to the best of its ability grey areas or loopholes which, if exploited, could constitute cheating.

Scuderia boss Mattia Binotto has dismissed claims of foul play from his engineers, insisting that Ferrari's engine gains in the second part of the season are the result of legitimate hard work.

More than ever, all eyes will be on Ferrari this weekend at Interlagos, where another dip in form will only further fan the flames of speculation about the Italian outfit.

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