Rob Smedley launches new low-cost electric karting series

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Former Ferrari and Williams man Rob Smedley is launching a new electric karting series that will allow young talent to go racing at a very low cost.

Six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton recently expressed his concern over the spiraling costs associated with junior motorsport series which thwart diversity and allow money to prevail over talent for many aspiring young racers.

Smedley's initiative, called Electroheads, aims to give access to those with limited means, democratizing grassroots motorsports as its first step.

"As Lewis Hamilton himself said recently, racing has become too expensive and is not diverse enough. I totally agree," said Smedley in a report published by

"Through electrification we can change that. We will be the driving force to inspire, energise and thrill racers as they climb the ladder. It is cleaner, cheaper, faster and importantly, fairer."

The evolution of the automotive industry and the emergence of electrification has led to a paradigm shift from which motorsport won't remain immune contends Smedley.

"For the next generation of racers, the era of the petrolhead is coming to a close," said Williams' former Head of Vehicle Dynamics.

"The whole philosophy of the Electroheads group is to get digital natives to experience the unique awe of the electric revolution. Electroheads Motorsport is a critical part of that ambition."

Electroheads karts will cater to the passion of two young age groups - Bambino and Cadet.

"Electrification allows for complete parity, where the principal performance differentiator is driver talent," Smedley added.

"Democratic. Meritocratic. Electric. That’s why we’re here."

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