Mercedes tops list of 2016 F1 entry fees

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Double Formula One world champions Mercedes had to pay the biggest 2016 entry fee – $4,870,510 – in the wake of its all-conquering 2015 campaign.

Following amendments brought by the 2013 sporting regulations, all teams enrolled in the sport must pay a base tariff of $516,128. The reigning Constructors’ champions then need to add $6,194 per point scored, while the rate decreases to $5,161 for the other squads.

With Mercedes amassing 703 points in 2015, its annual fee reaches $4,870,510. However, this only represents a $12,388 increase compared to last year’s 701-point campaign.

Ferrari’s strong recovery was mirrored in a steep hike in its entry fee hike, with the Scuderia having to pay $1,094,132 more than last year, courtesy of its three-win, 13-podium season.

Despite securing third for a second consecutive year, Williams’ less fruitful campaign means Grove had to hand over $1,842,505 against $2,167,648 in late 2014. Red Bull and McLaren’s abrupt dip in performance reflected in their 2016 fee dropping in a similar manner.

Despite securing its best ever position in the Constructors’ championship with fifth, Force India actually scored fewer points than last year so was presented with a smaller bill.

Coming off a dismal 10-point season, Lotus managed to fight back and collect 78 points and ended up picking up a bigger tab amidst financial troubles. Other hikes include Toro Rosso, which scored more than twice the amount of points it had claimed in 2014, as well as Sauber, which bounced back from a scoreless campaign.

Bottom of the list are F1 minnows Manor Marussia, with the small British outfit only paying the flat fee of $516,128 after it failed to amass any points in 2015.

Below is the detailed 2015/2016 comparison in the F1 team entry fees:

Mercedes: $4,858,122 / $4,870,510

Ferrari: $1,630,904 / $2,725,036

Williams: $2,167,648 / $1,842,505

Red Bull: $2,606,333 / $1,481,235

Force India: $1,316,083 / $1,218,024

Lotus: $567,738 / $918,686

Toro Rosso: $670,958 / $861,915

Sauber: $516,128 / $701,924

McLaren: $1,450,269 / $655,475

Manor: $526,450 / $516,128

Total: $15,791,528

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