Stroll: Aston Martin tie-up 'big uplift' and value for team


Racing Point charger Lance Stroll believes his team's "exciting" association with Aston Martin will lead to a "great transformation" for the Silverstone-based outfit.

Racing Point's tie-up with the luxury automobile manufacturer is the result of a recent equity stake taken in Aston Martin by a consortium of investors led by the pink squad's owner, Lawrence Stroll.

As a by-product of the Stroll group's investment, Racing Point which will become the works Aston Martin team in 2021 and benefit from the legendary automaker's support for a period of five years.

"It is my dad’s project," said Stroll at Monday's Racing Point 2020 launch.

"Obviously I talk to my dad so we have spoken about it. It is very exciting, and I think it is a great transformation for the team.

"Right now, the car is still pink and we’ve got a season ahead of ourselves to focus on, so I am not going to go into the Aston Martin stuff just yet.

"But they are a hell of a brand and have got an incredible name.

"I think for everyone involved in the Racing Point team it is a big uplift and an excitement that should bring us more value. It is great in many ways."

Stroll's teammate Sergio Perez agrees that Aston Martin's involvement bodes well for Racing Point's future. But the Mexican's expectations for this season are also positive.

"I think that is a huge step to all of a sudden become a factory team with such an iconic brand," Perez said. "I think it’s just great.

"It’s another big step in the right direction for the team, and this year we’re going to see big results from us.

"Obviously right now everyone is very confident but hopefully once we are in Melbourne we are able to show to ourselves that we have done good work over the last years, because I think this car is the work of so many years in the team.

"The team has gone through very difficult periods and I hope finally this car is the one we’ve been waiting for for many years."

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