Senna fan recreates Monaco '91 with amazing sim rig!


Atsushi Hrok isn't your typical sim racer, but a die-hard Ayrton Senna fan who went the whole nine yards to recreate the great Brazilian's working environment at Monaco in 1991.

Hrok built himself a reactive sim rig that is as close as possible to the real thing, Senna's McLaren MP4/6.

The system features a properly positioned gear lever, three pedals and seat belts, and a rear mounted camera that records the cockpit view.

On the technical side, the simulator's hydraulics reproduce yaw and pitch movements while the computer runs rFactor 2 software.

Traffic on the Principality's track prevented Atsushi - decked out in the proper dress code - from getting close to Senna's 1m20.344s pole, but the effort was still quite remarkable.

Check out the two videos posted by Hrok on his YouTube channel.

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