Honda bolts on new engines to Red Bull cars


Honda has allocated new engines to Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen and Alex Albon for this weekend's 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

While Albon has received a second ICE, MGU-H and MGU-K, having already added new energy store and control electronics before last week's British Grand Prix, Verstappen's RB 16 will be powered by a complete new six-element power unit package.

"As part of our PU strategy for the season, we are introducing new power units for the two Red Bull Racing drivers at this event," Honda said.

"This gives us greater flexibility in terms of power unit management. The new power units are the same specification as the ones coming out."

Neither Red Bull driver will suffer penalties for upgrading their units as both drivers have yet to surpass the legal limit for any single element although both have reached the limit for their ES and CE components.

Furthermore, Renault's Daniel Ricciardo has taken a new engine, turbocharger, MGU-K and MGU-H for this weekend while both Williams drivers and Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas have been handed a new MGU-K.

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