Norris unhappy with Ocon after 'dangerous' out lap

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Lando Norris qualified P10 for Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix, but the McLaren charger rued a dangerously slow outlap in Q3 by Renault's Esteban Ocon.

Norris and Ocon were among a tightly grouped pack of drivers that set out for their final qualifying effort. But the Frenchman, in a bid to force Norris to overtake him and profit from the latter's tow, slowed down to almost a standstill, a move which Ocon justified after the session.

"Everyone’s on a hot lap so there’s no real rule," explained the Renault charger who will line up 6th on this afternoon's grid.

"If there’s no car coming fast behind you, you can slow down pretty much. It’s not a blind place where we were slow, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

"I understand that he [Norris] is a bit upset because he didn’t have a tow on that one; I used his, so that was pretty well managed from me and the team!"

Norris would have none of his midfield rival's explanations however, insisting Ocon's behaviour was dangerous and warranted a sanction from the stewards.

Ultimately however, no investigation was initiated by the Belgian Grand Prix stewards.

"I’m disappointed with P10 because it could have been more," he said. "I was behind the Renaults [on the out lap], and they were going extremely slowly.

"You’re not allowed to really go that slow unnecessarily anyway and he did, so I had to pass them and therefore I just didn’t have any slipstream.

"It’s understandable if you’re in the last corner and everyone’s backing up, because that’s the way it is. But stopping at the exit of a corner like that isn’t allowed, so hopefully he gets whatever should get done to him.

"It’s probably a grey area because you can do it in the last corner, but only because you’re in traffic and you have to leave a gap to the guy ahead," Norris contended.

"But in the middle of the racetrack… to go that slowly was just a bit dangerous. That’s all I‘ve got to say."

Ultimately, no investigation was initiated by the Belgian Grand Prix stewards.

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