Aston Martin wants people to 'sit up and take notice'

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Aston Martin executive chairman Lawrence Stroll says F1 is where the legendary manufacturer should be, and where it intends "to make people sit up and take notice".

Stroll's Racing Point outfit has been rebranded Aston Martin F1 in the wake of the Canadian billionaire's investment last year in the prestigious luxury carmaker which was on the verge of a total collapse.

Turning around Aston's fortunes and preparing it for the automobile industry's paradigm shift towards electrification will be a challenging task, and one in which its involvement in Formula 1 will play a crucial role.

"Plain and simple, it’s where Aston Martin should be," said Stroll when asked about how important it is for the company to be represented in F1.

"This is a brand that has already had huge success in top-level international motorsport such as the Le Mans 24 Hours – and now we have an opportunity to write a new page in the history books.

"That’s a hugely exciting prospect for anyone who is a lover of the Aston Martin brand, for fans of Formula One and the sport itself."


Stroll highlighted the strategic weight of Grand Prix racing in terms of Aston's future marketing.

"It’s the centerpiece of our marketing strategy and a key component of the business," he said.

"The Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team will bring a new attitude and energy with it, expanding our appeal beyond the existing core and casual Formula One fans.

"Whether it’s results on the racetrack, expanding our presence in emerging platforms like Esports, or delivering exciting new activations, we want to make people sit up and take notice.

"The arrival of Cognizant is the first exciting step in our drive forward. Formula One is also the perfect shop window for Aston Martin as a brand and the amazing cars we produce.

"There has been plenty of talk about road relevance in Formula One in recent seasons, and we will see genuine trickle-down of technology and innovation from the track to the road.

"We will demonstrate those links between Formula One and the road cars, especially with our mid-engine range that will be launched in the future."

Conversely, Stroll believes that the Aston name will also shine on the sport, helping it engage with new audiences while broadening F1's current base.

"Everyone knows what Aston Martin stands for – but the Formula One team will allow us to take the essence of the brand to new places, building on the strong foundations laid by the previous iterations of the team.

"We want to talk to new and wider audiences, engaging them not just with the team but with Formula One itself.

"We’re taking an organisation filled with experienced, passionate racers and combining that with an aspirational lifestyle brand.

"The aim is to appeal to the next generation of fans as well as the hardcore followers, bringing new ideas, energy and attitudes in the process.

"That journey begins now on our way to the exciting moment of launching the first Aston Martin to race at a Grand Prix weekend in more than six decades."

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