Alonso: Reaction to Sochi move proves F1 has double standards

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Fernando Alonso says the reaction to his cheeky move through the run-off area of Turn 2 on the opening lap of the Russian Grand Prix proves that F1 has "different rules for different drivers".

The Spaniard was among the leading pack of cars at the start of the race in Sochi but opted to speed through the run-off area and through the bollards, rejoining the track third in the running order.

The Alpine driver was nevertheless overtaken by two cars, but the move – which Alonso had rehearsed ahead of the start of the race during a reconnaissance lap – was not sanctioned by the stewards.

In Turkey on Thursday, addressing the maneuver, Alonso said he had done it "to see the questions here in Istanbul", and to prove that his actions out on the track yield more scrutiny than those of other drivers.

"[It was] just to confirm when I do things, they have a different behaviour, and a different repercussion on the following event," Alonso said.

"So now, maybe they change the run-off area in lap 1 in the first couple of corners."

Alonso has complained on several occasions this season about drivers gaining the upper hand on the opening lap f a race by abusing track limits.

"I've been the idiot on track for most of the championship while I've been overtaken from the outside of the asphalt by many people for the first couple of races.

"Even in Austria, I remember Austria 1 and Austria 2, and nothing happened. There were no questions on the following race.

"Now after Sochi, there is a question. It's a confirmation."

Although his bold maneuver went unpunished, mainly because he lifted when rejoining the track and got back behind the drivers he had overtaken, Alonso insisted on claiming that F1 has double standards when it comes to judging drivers' actions.

"It was a confirmation of many things," he said.

"One that there are different rules for different people or different, let’s say, talks the week after for different people.

"Let’s see the next one that crosses the white line on the pit entry. Let’s see which nationality he is and which penalty he will get."

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