Tsunoda heads into unknown and 'tricky' triple header

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Yuki Tsunoda will head into F1's triple-header as an absolute beginner, having never run at any of the sport's three upcoming tracks, save on AlphaTauri's simulator.

Tsunoda enjoyed a top-ten finish in Austin last time out, but the 21-year-old charger will have his work cut for him at the outset in Mexico City this weekend, where he'll need to get familiar with the venue's track but also to its high-altitude challenges.

"I am keen to see what effect the altitude in Mexico City will have on me, as I have never driven before in these conditions," he said.

"With a helmet on, I can imagine it could be quite difficult and demanding on the neck and arms, but apparently the main effect is on your heart rate.

"I don't normally have any issue with heart rate, but in my training recently, to prepare for Mexico, I have focussed more on endurance with this in mind.

"Mexico seems like quite a special track, very different to normal, especially sector one, which is really tight with many 90 degree corners and some slow turns, one of which is only around 60 to 70 km/h.

"I heard that because of the altitude the thinner air has a big impact on the aero downforce so all these factors mean I think Mexico will be very interesting but not such an easy experience for me."

From Mexico, Tsunoda will head further south to Sao Paulo next week before concluding F1's demanding three-race stint in Qatar.

"We now have three races in a row and I expect it will be very tough, moving around with long flights in between and a complicated jet lag situation," he commented.

"These three tracks will be completely new to me and they look quite tricky.

"On top of that, in Brazil we have the Sprint Qualifying format again, which means less free practice. I am going to once again focus on making progress through the sessions and stick to my plan.

"My only experience of all three of the tracks of this triple-header is on the simulator."

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