Red Bull Racing reveals 2022 livery on RB18 showcar


Oracle Red Bull Racing has pulled the covers off its 2022 livery which was displayed on an updated version of F1's new-spec static showcar that was unveiled last summer.

The mock-up of Red Bull's new charger was presented to the world during an online presentation from Milton Keynes, but the team is obviously keeping its real RB18 concept out of the public eye for now.

The Honda-powered RB18 is designed to F1's new technical regulations and to the sport's new radical ground effect philosophy, with the machine's concept and engineering overseen by Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey and technical director Pierre Wache.

The static model displayed by Red Bull was emblazoned with the number 1 assigned to 2021 F1 world champion Max Verstappen, and also featured the prominent presence of new title partner Oracle.

"We are aiming to build on what we achieved last year," commented Red Bull team boss Christian Horner during the presenation. "The target is to try to retain the title.

"The big unknown is have we missed something with these regulations and has someone else stolen a march?"


F1 teams will kick off the first stage of pre-season testing in Barcelona on February 23, but Red Bull has indicated that it will likely shake down its new car at Silverstone before heading to Spain.

"With the new regulation changes this year, the whole philosophy has altered, which means every single component is different to last year’s car," said Horner.

"It’s a clean sheet of paper for every single team. By the time we get to the first race, the RB18 won’t look much like it looks today, the evolution will be very quick as we progress through the season.

"It is a steep learning curve for everyone and it is a contest in development between the first and the last race. We believe we have a good car for 2022, the RB18 is coming to life and seeing it today is fantastic.

"It has been a huge effort from the Team and I am looking forward to seeing it out on the track now.

"The excitement and hard work of 2021 really galvanised the Team and it means we go into 2022 in great shape for the season ahead."

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