Ferrari F1-75 set for demo run at Fiorano on Friday


Ferrari will roll out its new F1-75 as soon as Friday morning at Fiorano, with the Italian outfit following up the outing with a filming day at Barcelona scheduled ahead of the start of pre-season testing.

The Scuderia's 2022 contender broke cover on Thursday with an online launch presented by team boss Mattia Binotto who was joined by drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

And Ferrari isn't losing any time in getting acquainted with its new design.

"We will have a first demo event tomorrow at Fiorano," said Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto.

"It will be only 15 kilometres, per regulations, not on the normal track. That’s for demo purposes.

"Then we’ll move to Barcelona. The day before each team will start the winter session on the 22nd, we will have a filming day of 100km.

"So from now to the start of the winter testing, we’ll have a couple of days – a demo event and a filming – where we will run the car."

'Demonstration events' as labeled by the FIA typically allow teams to showcase their cars on show runs, usually in city centers. But 15-km maximum demos on proper circuits are also permitted although the venue cannot be a track approved for F1 use.

Fiorano holds an FIA Grade 1 licence that makes its track suitable for F1, which means that Friday's outing will take place on an alternative configuration.

Ferrari will then use the first of its two allowed filming days – where cars are limited to 100 km on control tyres – next Tuesday at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, the day before the start of F1's first three-day test at the track.

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