Kvyat happy but looking for more mileage

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Daniil Kvyat was happy to finally come out of hibernation on Wednesday and hit the Circuit de Catalunya after what the Russian labeled a "long winter break"

The Red Bull driver's day of work yesterday amounted to 74 laps, and while he wished for more mileage, the end result was still productive.

"It was good. All in all what we can see is that we are moving in the right direction," Kvyat said.

"Always the first day in the car there are a few systems checks and stuff like that, but generally it was a positive day.

Red Bull will be looking to extend Kvyat's mileage today in order to build from what the driver considered a "good and solid baseline".

Wednesday's relatively limited distance accomplished by the Russian had nothing to do with any fundamental problem linked to the RB12, but rather teething issues often associated with any new car.

"We had small minor issues here and there, but this happens in testing. Everything feels like it’s in the right place, the car seems quite well balanced and the first feeling is very positive. We have a strong baseline but we ideally would like to have more mileage.

"This is the aim for tomorrow and this will help me and the team to develop the package. So we need to start making more laps."

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