Verstappen: Mercedes drivers 'shouldn't speak for other people'

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Max Verstappen says Lewis Hamilton and George Russell should speak only for themselves when voicing their concerns over porpoising and "not involve other people".

As their Mercedes team has been the most hard-hit by the bouncing phenomenon that characterizes F1's new generation cars, Hamilton and Russell have been vocal about the potentially damaging physical effects on drivers of porpoising.

In the wake of the concerns expressed by the pair and by others in Baku, the FIA introduced ahead of this weekend's Canadian GP, on the grounds of safety, a technical directive that seeks to reduce the cars' bouncing.

Verstappen criticized the FIA's intervention, questioning its fairness given that Red Bull's 2022 car isn't suffering from porpoising.

But Hamilton suggested that almost every driver in the field has voiced a concern over the effects of the chronic problem, although some have not done so in public.


"Obviously in front of you, it’s one thing, and another in the background, sometimes people say different things," Hamilton said, although the Briton did not identify those who are keeping their views on the topic private.

Verstappen stated that his own stance on porpoising has always been "honest and straightforward". But the Dutchman took aim at Hamilton and Russell for speaking in the name of their colleagues.

"It's not only him, but his teammate as well. They speak for other people," said the reigning F1 world champion.

"They should just focus on themselves and say what they think. So just speak for themselves instead of involving other people into it.”

Overall however, it appears that a strong contingent of drivers support the FIA's intervention and efforts to try and eradicate the porpoising problem.

"I am happy that they are taking it seriously and that they are trying to intervene as quickly as possible with measures," Gasly told the media in Montreal.

"We drivers are ultimately the ones who have to take the blows of these impacts and suffer the pain. I am happy that the FIA has understood our message and responded quickly."

Haas' Kevin Magnussen echoed Gasly's comments, insisting the FIA should be "the adult" in the room and have the final word on the matter when safety is a concern.

"That's why the FIA is there, that's why they exist," said the Dane. "That's part of their job, the intervention, because we can't leave it to the teams.

"They will always do what is best for them. That is natural and you should expect that from everyone. The FIA is there to intervene as the 'adult'."

"The FIA is concerned about safety. From a health point of view, this could potentially be a problem."

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