Brundle: Losing Seidl 'bad news' for McLaren going forward

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McLaren Racing boss Zak Brown has ensured that his F1 team is in good hands with new team principal Andrea Stella, but Martin Brundle argues that losing Andreas Seidl is "bad news" for team papaya.

The announcement earlier this week of Seidl's move from McLaren to Sauber came out of the blue and three years before the end of the German's contract with the Woking-based outfit, although Brown later revealed that Seidl's early exit was agreed upon months ago.

Seild's responsibilities will be taken over by McLaren executive director Andrea Stella, an experienced and highly knowledgeable operator who was Brown's first choice.

Although Brown insists his team won't miss a beat as Stella picks up the baton, Brundle still sees Seild's exit as a setback for McLaren.

"There’s no doubt about it, losing Seidl is bad news for McLaren going forward," said the Sky F1 commentator.

"He’s had a long-term relationship with the Volkswagen group with Porsche so I can understand what he’s done, and I can understand why McLaren wanted to expedite that.

"But this is not what they needed. The big thing for McLaren is their new wind tunnel in 2024."

Brundle reckons that McLaren's unexpected management will have perhaps also left Lando Norris and his rookie teammate Oscar Piastri puzzled, and with more questions than answers.

"So Lando will be looking at it thinking, why has Andreas jumped ship? What has Andreas seen at Audi, that he much prefers to McLaren?" added the firmer F1 driver.

"Oscar will be disappointed as well because he would have done all the discussions, all the imaginations, with Andreas, for Oscar to join and Lando to stay.

"Lando is very close to Zak and he is doing a great job there, there’s a good structure at McLaren. I don’t panic in the slightest for them, but you can’t read this as good news," Brundle concluded.

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