Norris supportive of recent ‘cold-hearted’ decisions made by McLaren

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Lando Norris says he’s fully supportive of the recent changes implemented by McLaren in its technical department, insisting that “cold-hearted” and “tough” decisions are sometimes necessary to move forward.

Last week, McLaren announced the exit of technical director James Key and the creation of a three-pronged management structure that features three technical directors -- Peter Prodromou (aerodynamics), Davide Sanchez (car concept and performance), and Neil Houldey (engineering and design) -- who will all answer to McLaren team principal Andrea Stella.

The move, put together by Stella following a demand by McLaren Racing boss Zak Brown, aims to bring the team’s technical prowess in line with its sporting ambitions.

While Norris admitted that, as a driver, he has no other choice but to witness the changes, the Briton expressed his utmost confidence in the judgment and knowledge of McLaren’s top brass.

“I guess as the driver, and the person that's driving the thing affected by all of this is, I have just got to have the confidence and faith in the people who are running it,” said Norris, speaking in Melbourne on Friday.

“Which is Zak and Andrea, and I still have a lot of faith and belief in them. I guess Andrea is new to this, new to the role that he's in, but from the little time he's been there, personally, and I've not experienced many other people in that position or other teams or anything, but I believe he's extremely good.

“I must say I'm impressed. I rate Andrea very, very highly. I think a lot of people do, up and down the paddock. So I have a lot of faith in him, I think he's very good. So I have confidence in the changes and whatever the beliefs they have, I share those.

“It's clear that we've not done as good of a job as what we should have done as a team, or a team who should be championship contenders and top-step contenders.

“We're far from the level we need to be at to be able to achieve that. So some changes were made.”

McLaren team principal Andrea Stella with McLaren boss Zak Brown

Norris admitted there is no easy way to let someone go, regardless of the circumstances, the Briton feeling thankful that he doesn’t need to carry the burden of such decisions.

“I'm thankful I'm not in that position,” he said. “It's a very tough job to be in. I guess everyone has to make a decision at some point. Obviously, Zak has bosses too.

“This is a business at the end of the day. [It's about] what's best for the business and not just maybe what looks the nicest.

“And sometimes you have to be a bit more cold-hearted. So it happens in every team, it isn't like it just happens at McLaren. It happens at every team up and down the grid.”

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