Hamilton: F1 must 'adapt' regs to avert lasting Red Bull supremacy

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Lewis Hamilton believes that if F1 doesn't adapt its technical rules going forward, the sport could see Red Bull's current supremacy last "for years".

Formula 1's regulation overhaul that was introduced at the start of the 2022 season relied on ground effects aerodynamics to reduce the impact of turbulent air in a car's wake in a bid to make it easier for chasing drivers to catch and overtake a rival on track.

The changes proved fruitful last season, with F1 fans witnessing more entertaining races, with Red Bull emerging as the most successful contender. But this year, the Milton Keynes-based outfit has extended its leadership by a comfortable margin.

Furthermore, with teams developing their cars away from F1's ground effect rules, downforce levels are once again on the rise which is impacting once more a driver's ability to follow another car.

Successive races in Baku and in Miami highlighted the sport's renewed worries over the difficulties of overtaking, calling into question F1's regulation platform.

However, Hamilton believes the assessment is too negative but suggests that a bit of tweaking of the regs may be necessary moving froward to avoid a long-lasting period of domination by Red Bull.

"I think it's a really negative way to look at it," commented the Mercedes driver.

"It is good that we are trying new things, it's important we continue to move forward and evolve - the technology has evolved.

"It is just unfortunate, we still see the same sort of gaps between teams.

"I don't know what the solution is for the future, but I think we are going to have to continue to adapt these regulations moving forward, otherwise, it could be the same as it is now for years - until 2026 - if we don't do a better job, which we are working on doing.

"I like the cars... without the bouncing. They are a little bit heavy - I wouldn't say making the cars heavier is a good idea."

Addressing Red Bull's unwavering superiority this season, validated by the team's 100% win rate after five races, F1 boss Stefano Domenicali has made clear that there will be no in-season changes to the regulations to help the bulls' rivals bridge the gap.

"This year, we need to say the truth: Red Bull did a better job than the others, it’s a fact," Domenciali said at a Financial Times event.

"But I would be imprudent to say the championship is finished.

"We cannot intervene in the performance of the teams. I am sure what we did in terms of financial regulations will help to minimise the gap on the technical side."

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