Mercedes unveils in Monaco long-awaited W14 upgrades

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Mercedes finally unveiled the updates that have been implemented on its W14 black arrow and that will be put to the task in this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix.

Mercedes was among several teams that had scheduled to implement updates on their cars at last week's cancelled Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Imola.

Despite Monaco's high-risk environment not being the optimum venue to roll out new elements, the Brackley has opted to move ahead with its development programme that aims first and foremost to transform its W14 contender into a more stable and consistent platform for its drivers.

Mercedes' updates in Monaco include a new front suspension and revised floor as well as reprofiled sidepods, the standout element of the changes.


The W14's previous-spec slim sidepod profile has now made way for a wider, more conventional downwash configuration that features more rounded and shallower inlets as well as a more traditional undercut design.

The upper section of each sidepod integrates a louvred cooling panel while the downwash ramp design appears comparable to the forms adopted by Alpine or McLaren.

Mercedes' mechanical updates on its W14 include a revised front suspension designed to improve the driver's overall feel for the car.

The primary modification involves the lead arm of the upper wishbone, which has been relocated to the utmost position on the front corner of the chassis, situated higher than its previous placement a few inches below.

Ahead of this weekend's race, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff admitted that Monaco was a "unique" event, but introducing updates in the Principality would still provide the team with "an opportunity to learn about the upgrades".

"We also need to be careful not to draw too many conclusions from this one event," said Wolff.

"We are introducing the first step in a new development direction.

"It won’t be a silver bullet; from my experience, they do not exist in our sport.

"We hope that it gives the drivers a more stable and predictable platform. Then we can build on that in the weeks and months ahead."

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