Norris champagne thump shattered Max's trophy!

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Max Verstappen stepped off the Hungarian Grand Prix podium on Sunday with a 44th career win in Formula 1 under his belt and a broken trophy under his arm.

As the bubbly excitement of victory filled the air on the podium, Verstappen put his winner's trophy down on the top step of the rostrum.

Seconds later, a jubilant Lando Norris couldn't resist unleashing his inner champagne maestro once again.

With a mischievous grin, he raised his fizzy prize and executed his signature move - a forceful thump on the podium floor!

But the McLaren driver's move sent the winner's trophy tumbling, shattering its precious porcelain.

Laughter ensued however as the two drivers joked about the moment in the post-race press conference.

Queried on his antics that made the podium celebration one for the books, a bashful Norris said that he "wasn't sure" what had happened.

"Max just placed it too close to the edge. It fell over I guess. Not my problem, it's his."

Meanwhile, McLaren and Red Bull engaged in some predictable banter on Twitter.

"We are so, so sorry…" McLaren tweeted.

"We're gonna need some glue," Red Bull replied. "We can't take you anywhere. Glad to have you up there with us though."

Later in the day, it came to light that the porcelain trophies handed out to the top-three are handmade by Herendi Porcelanmanufaktura Zrt., with a production time of approximately six months and at a cost of 40.000 euros. Ouch!

Max will get his white porcelain due however as Herendi has offered to replace the broken cup.

"The teams will decide who was to blame, but we will take on the joyful and heavy burden of making it again," Attila Simon, the company's CEO, told Hungary’s M4 Sport's channel.

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