Drivers' letter a push for more influence - Wurz

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Alex Wurz reiterated the Grand Prix Drivers Association stance which was expressed last week in a letter by the organisation in which its members denounced F1's current lack of governance.

While F1's new qualifying format and the subsequent changes and U-turns appeared a catalyst for the group reaction, Wurz underlined the fact that drivers especially were seeking wider recognition and greater influence on how the sport is managed and guided.

"You can compare it in some way to politics and the difference between those governing and the opposition," Wurz was quoted by Spanish newspaper Marca.

"We love the sport and want F1 to be fun. If we talk in terms of political opposition tactics, our only solution is to express our dissatisfaction with what is happening at this time.

"We just want to make sure that our feelings are known."

Wurz argued that all parties involved in Formula 1's affairs want to see changes and improvements, and that the worst possible outcome would be a status quo.

"Even the authorities agree that this sport needs a number of adjustments to find the right direction for the future.

"It remains one of the sports with the biggest following and an incredible marketing platform, but everyone wants the whole structure to be improved.

"What can the drivers do? The worst thing would be to do nothing."

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