GM only interested in entering F1 with Andretti

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General Motors has made it clear that it will only enter Formula 1 in partnership with Andretti, the automotive giant dismissing a collaboration with any other existing F1 outfit.

Andretti’s bid to join the grid overcame its first hurdle last September when FIA gave the green light to its entry following a stringent selection process and review undertaken by the governing body.

However, to race among motorsport’s elite, Andretti will need to overcome an even higher obstacle: it must now convince Formula 1 itself that its presence on the grid will add value to the sport.

The American team’s partnership with GM will consist in a branding tie-up with Cadillac although Michael Andretti has alluded to the manufacturer providing technical support on the engine front.

Andretti has argued that its association with GM/Cadillac answers the question often put forth by F1: “What does Andretti bring to the party”.

“We’re bringing one of the biggest manufacturers in the world with us now with General Motors and Cadillac,” Andretti said last January when its partnership with GM was announced.

“We feel that was the one box that we didn’t have checked that we do have checked now. I think we’ll be bringing a tremendous amount of support to Formula One and it’s hard for anyone to argue with that.”


But Formula 1 and a majority of its teams remain unconvinced that Andretti’s project – in spite of GM’s involvement - is worthy of diluting the sport’s prize fund by expanding the grid and adding an eleventh entrant.

Financial discussions are now underway between F1 and Andretti over the team’s potential F1 future.

“There is a process that is in place, so as always, we don’t have to give any anticipation,” F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali told investors last week.

“The FIA did its right role of doing its first assessment. Now we’re in the process of doing our assessment on the commercial and marketing side.”

Given the uncertainty that continues to linger on the horizon, there has been speculation that F1 might try to convince GM to join the sport with a different team if Andretti’s bid is rejected.

Williams team boss James Vowles, whose outfit has yet to confirm its engine partner for 2026, is opposed to F1 accepting Andretti within its ranks.

But the Briton has publicly stated that he would be open to eventually working with GM if such an opportunity came knocking.

“Williams is against the addition of an 11th team and very strongly against,” he said last month. “That’s not against either Andretti or GM, quite the opposite.

“I welcome GM open-armed, and Williams welcomes GM open-arms and I hope to forge a relationship with them, should things not work out. They are an incredible entity that I think will make the sport better.”

Unfortunately, GM has poured cold water on Vowles “open arms”. Speaking to new agency AP, GM president Mark Reuss has rejected the possibility of transferring its interest to another team.

“GM is committed to partnering with Andretti to race in F1,” the American executive told new agency AP.

"The collaboration between Andretti-Cadillac brings together two unique entities built for racing, both with long pedigrees of success in motorsport globally."

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