AlphaTauri set for 2024 identity change and new sponsors


AlphaTauri will race in Abu Dhabi for the final time under its current name as the Faenza-based outfit is set to change its identity from 2024, with two new sponsors taking over its naming rights.

Initially known as Toro Rosso, the team underwent a rebranding in 2020 to align with the Red Bull-owned fashion brand AlphaTauri.

But that association has run its course and the team is now set to adopt a new generic name and official team appellation that will include not one but two new US-based commercial partners according to the outfit’s CEO Peter Bayer.

“The identity will be generic,” Bayer explained, quoted by “The identity is what Toro Rosso would have been, and it’s moving closer to the Red Bull family again. But then it will appear with the naming rights partners.

"We will change the company name, we will change identity, logo, everything, a complete relaunch, complete rebrand.

"The name of the team, the identity, has been decided by the shareholders. And I need to carry it with me without being able to share, which is very difficult!”

Bayer revealed that the visibility in America of Red Bull’s sister outfit has been significantly boosted by the presence in the team of ‘Drive to Survive’ star Daniel Ricciardo, adding that this has been a key factor in drawing in new sponsorship.

AlphaTauri CEO Peter Bayer and team boss Franz Tost.

“We're on a good trajectory,” he said. “And because we have such good traction in the US at the moment, we found these two companies who like each other.

"We had a very, very good meeting with these two big new partners. And they understood each other really well. They sort of mingled immediately.

“We talked about when do we announce it? What do we do? And we said look, this is what usually happens, and we have the FIA entry form and we have the livery presentation. And then they had ideas.

“They started brainstorming so much that I got scared, actually! They have a couple of very big ideas. They're thinking big, bigger than we would probably have dared to think.”

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