Ferrari to receive largest team payment in 2016

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Ferrari will again receive the largest payment of any team in F1 in 2016 despite finishing second in the constructors' championship last year.

Figures published by Autosport show Ferrari's long-standing team payment - of which it is the only recipient on the grid - will ensure the Scuderia earns more money from Formula One Management (FOM) than any other team.

The teams will receive a share of $965m in payments from FOM, but these amounts are not distributed evenly. Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull and McLaren all earn additional constructors' championship bonuses which were negotiated separately, while Red Bull, Mercedes and Williams also receive further fixed payouts.

If the revenues were distributed evenly, each of the ten teams would receive $96.5m from FOM. However, the imbalance is highlighted by the fact that seven of the ten teams receive less than that figure, with Ferrari receiving slightly less than double the amount.

Ferrari will earn $192million this year, which is $21m more than reigning world champions Mercedes. Of that amount, only $87m of Ferrari's prize fund is as a result of its championship position.

Mercedes is set to receive $171m as a result of its recent success as well as its bonuses, while Red Bull - fourth in last year's constructors' standings - will earn $144m. Williams, on the other hand, gets $87m in total despite beating Red Bull last year.

In 2015 the teams received a share of $883m, meaning this year marks a 9% increase despite the previous two seasons both featuring 19 events.

The figures reported by Autosport are as follows:

TeamTotalClassification*Bonus**2015 constructors' championship position
Red Bull$144m$70m$74m4
Williams $87m$77m$10m3
Force India$67m$67m5
Toro Rosso$57m$57m7

* Each team receives $33.5m in 'column 1' payments for finishing in the top ten for two out of the past three seasons. This is then added to with prize money for their 2015 finishing position.

** Bonuses negotiated with Bernie Ecclestone.

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