FIA puts revised F1 points system proposal on hold

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The much-debated revision of Formula 1's points system has been pushed back, with the FIA's F1 Commission opting to analyze it further before making a decision.

The proposal in question seeks to expand the points-awarding positions from the top 10 finishers to the top 12.

This move, reportedly championed by Formula One Management (FOM), aims to create a more engaging experience for fans by increasing the frequency with which backmarker teams score points, thus energizing the lower midfield battle.

Currently, teams outside the top 10 often struggle to break into the points, potentially leading to a perception of a less competitive grid.

The F1 Commission has agreed to revisit the proposal during their July meeting to allow for more in-depth analysis. If approved, the new system could be implemented as early as the 2025 season.

"Commission members discussed a proposal for changes to the distribution of championship points, as described in Articles 6.4 and 6.5 of the sporting regulations," the FIA stated.

"It was agreed that further analysis of proposed changes was required with a view to a proposal to be presented to the F1 Commission meeting in July."

While the points system took center stage, other discussions were held during the commission meeting.

Notably, the approval of a new rearward-facing camera to be installed on all cars starting from the Spanish Grand Prix in June.

This addition aims to enhance television coverage by providing a fresh viewing angle.

A potential change to the pre-season testing venue was also raised. With the 2025 season kicking off in Australia instead of the usual Bahrain, some discussions revolved around shifting the testing location as well.

The past two seasons saw a single three-day test held in Bahrain before the season opener, with an additional Barcelona test occurring in 2022 (the first year of the new ground effect regulations).

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