Absentees foul-up vote on 2017 engine regulations

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A much awaited vote by Formula 1 bosses on 2017 power unit regulations was delayed Tuesday because not enough members of the F1 Commission were in attendance to formally cast a vote.

The meeting, which took place at Biggin Hill, convened the Strategy and F1 Commission in order to discuss 20017 regulations set to be finalised by a deadline set at next Saturday.

The morning meeting of the Strategy Group apparently resulted in a majority agreeing on a proposal which addressed cost, availability, noise and performance requirements.

The proposal was then supposed to be voted on in the afternoon by members of the F1 Commission, which include FOM, the FIA, teams, sponsors and promoters. But apparently  a number of absentees, mainly promoters who claimed they could not travel to the meeting, forced a delay of the vote.

An e-vote is scheduled over the next few days however to decide if the submitted engine plan proposals, as well as other decisions, will get the green light.

With regard to regulation changes involving a radical overhaul of cars in a bid to make them faster by up to five seconds a lap, changes Mercedes in particular had been lobbying against, these are expected to go through as planned.

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