Ecclestone wishes he could rebuild F1

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Bernie Ecclestone admits Formula One is "an old house" which he is unable to rebuild at the moment.

A number of teams remain in financial difficulties, with Ecclestone advancing a payment of £6.7million ($10million) ahead of the start of the season to help with cashflow issues for some. Following a meeting of the Strategy Group in Malaysia on Friday, Ecclestone concedes many of the current problems within the sport are due to the individual agreements he has with each of the teams which run until 2020, preventing him from implementing change.

"The trouble is we've got an old house and we keep repairing it," Ecclestone told reporters at Sepang. "It's not really the way to go. I'm a little bit frustrated, a little bit disappointed by all these problems. I'm not so much worried about it - we just need to do a lot better.''

Having previously agreed with Christian Horner's calls for Mercedes to be reined in, Ecclestone now says it us up to the other teams to do a better job.

"I've no complaints or problems about Mercedes doing what they are doing - the complaint I've got is the others are not doing the same. All Mercedes have done is a good job - they've the best engine, best chassis, best team, two of the best drivers, so they are entitled to win.

"It's the others that need to get going. No good blaming the people that are doing a good job because they're doing a good job.''

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