McLaren's Goss expecting 'mean and lean' F1

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The aesthetic impact on F1's 2017 designs of the new rules will produce cars that will look "mean" says McLaren technical director Tim Goss.

For Goss, larger tyres and a lower rear wing will definitely mark a clear change, even for the not so discerning eye.

"We've had to rethink lots of different areas on the car, because they're behaving differently to how they did before," the McLaren man said in an interview on the team's official website.

"These 2017 cars are lower and squatter; they just look meaner. The lower rear-wing, big fat tyres and big diffuser look cool – they look mean."

Goss also believes that the regulation overhaul will also deliver in terms of shaking up the competitive order, albeit perhaps momentarily.

"We've had bigger changes in the past - the change between 1982 and '83 from ground-effect to flat floors, for example, which had a massive impact on performance - but this season's changes rank as some of the most significant we've ever had in the sport," Goss added.

"That's likely to change the competition order – because it's such a big disturbance – but then what normally happens is the best and most well-equipped teams tend to rise to the top again."

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