'Ecclestone's tough approach taught me a lot', says Piquet


Nelson Piquet believes Bernie Ecclestone's tough approach as a team owner taught him some valuable lessons which he later applied in life.

A three-time world champion, the Brazilian raced for seven seasons for Ecclestone's Brabham team, collecting 13 wins and two world titles.

The former F1 supremo impacted Piquet on a personal level.

"The example that I learned from Ecclestone is about the way he treats things with transparency," Piquet told Motorsport.com – Brazil.

"When I had a contract with him, I knew that if I didn't race well in two races, I would be out of the car. And now, I know he was right.

"Formula 1 is what it is today because of Bernie. Any company, any country, if you have a smart manager, who knows how to do things, who knows how to organise, it goes forward."

Piquet insists that his successful venture into the business arena owed a lot to what he learned during his years in motorsport and the period spent working for Ecclestone.

"I would not say I learned from Bernie Ecclestone, but I learned from motorsport, that everything needs a beginning, middle and an end. You need to do things works with discipline and teamwork.

"I learned it after 20 years racing, I put it inside my company and I had huge success. Valuing people, working with a goal and starting and ending things.

"This is a thing that I learned from motorsport and I put it into my business life. I started to work when I was 40, and it helped me a lot."

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