F1 leaning towards active suspension, and even 4x4!

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As discussions about the controversial trick suspension concept brought to the forefront by Ferrari continue, F1 teams appear to be seriously considering a return of active suspension.

Based on a document submitted by McLaren, the sophisticated system, which was banned in 1993, is one possible solution discussed by the teams for 2018 as a means of putting to rest the debate which has fired up over the legality of suspensions.

Teams believe that bringing back active suspensions would not only introduce F1 into the 21st century  technologically but also prevent a costly arms race by relying partly on standardization.

It is also understood that teams have discussed options involving  stringent suspension regulations and, at the other extreme,  complete freedom of development.

The latter approach could even incorporate adding MGU-K, energy recovered from braking, to driven front wheels, thus integrating four-wheel drive!

Mercedes and Honda are apparently keen on a 4x4 technology in F1 although given its complexities, it likely would not be introduced until 2020.

Should teams effectively decide on a return of active suspension, with a green-light provided by the FIA, it is believed that a technical proposal submitted  by Mercedes in 2014 could serve as a basis for the development of a four-channel system that would allow teams to control heave and roll electronically.

In the interim, the FIA is expected to send a technical brief to the teams before the end of the month clarifying its stance on the legality of the trick suspension system discussed by Ferrari.


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